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Symptoms of brain injury: do you have to worry?

Ever wondered whether you have any form of brain injury? Especially whenever you forgot something or someone's name, or when you acted foolishly or did something completely unfocused? Never doubted a second about your fabulous brain capacities? Of course you did. But is it brain damage you noticed or just your advancing age?

One reason this site is set up is to give you more information about what brain injury really is, what the effects of it are on daily life activities. With this information I hope you come to realize that your brain is THE most important organ you have. And that you have to be very careful with your brain. In all those years of working as a neuropsychologist I am amazed how little people know about their own brain and what they can do to prevent brain injury in order to optimize their brain functioning. All their personal time and energy focuses on physical fitness but they neglect the most important organ in their body: the brain.

Personal development and Internet

A second reason that this site is made is that I strongly believe in personal development and freedom to grow to an optimally functioning human being, both physically and more mentally. Heavily influenced by Steve Pavlina, Ken Wilber, and others on their quest for more personal development and therefore for more happiness all around, I developed this website. Internet is the only medium that can reach almost everyone who can read, with the largest freedom in reaching it. Knowledge and self-development are something for everyone, not only for those who can afford to pay books or who can follow expensive education.

Experience and brain facts

A third reason: In my work I tell people daily about the workings of their brain, give them tips and tricks to improve their memory or attention. Mostly this happens when they come in as a patient after a serious brain injury due to a car or bicycle accident or when they had a stroke. But I was and still am not satisfied with all those people who do nót know this kind of information just because they were lucky not to have had any brain damage ;).

Personal development starts with knowledge. Knowledge about your brain and the fascinating things it can do (and can not do). This site will give you as much information you need to develop yourself even better as a human being by giving you facts that you will probably find in many books about the brain. But I will give you a lot more: experience and facts about the brain which are NOT to be found in books. Experience that has been built with the help of over 2000 patients with brain injury and their families, experience that tells you a lot about how your brain functions and how it can and can not be optimized.

Inside information

I will tell you how neuropsychology, the psychology of the brain and behavior, works to determine brain injury, how neuropsychological tests work, how your brain hosts different functions like attention, memory, problem solving, vision, hearing, how your daily life is full of examples of your brain's functioning (or not). In sum, I will give you 'inside' information about your brain. Furthermore I will give as much inside information as possible about emotional problems, how to keep yourself mentally stable, how to fight depression and anxiety, what is personality and personality disorders and more about everyday psychology.

Not everything

But I have to be honest with you: this site is not pretending to deliver all knowledge there is about the brain or about psychology. It is NOT a cook book for better brain functioning or mental health. For that, you'll need a very very large wikipedia which would be very unpleasant to read all the way... No, instead what I hope is, that you learn that your brain is actually realizing all that you are and you should be more careful with it. And I hope that you start reading more about the brain, to learn even more about this fabulous and most complex organ we have. I hope you increase your knowledge of your brain to change and improve your life even more. So that we all will benefit from your own personal development. Because thát I firmly believe, just like Steve Pavlina and Ken Wilber: whenever you grow both mentally and emotionally, I will grow as well. In that sense we all benefit and the world starts to become a better place in the end.

How to read this site?

Well, just read here below what the links are about and click on a topic you are interested in. Please do not be scared when reading about what and how brain damage can do to a life like yours. Instead, read on and see how much your brain controls and become determined to change your life habits in order to prevent brain damage and optimize your brain functioning.

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