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My story relates to brain injury from long term solvent exposure, at first it was physical symptoms like sinus, throat, chest infections, nausea, fatigue, migraine.

At the onset I was extremely fit and was playing 3 sports, tennis, squash and basketball. I usually felt best after the game for an hour or so but the rebound effect was horrible. As the condition worsened mood changes with less resilience to stressors was noticeable and fatigue increased exponentially.
I removed myself from the environment and gradually saw some semblance of normality return like being able to get out of bed without feeling so ill I could not manage it or being so tired. I did make the mistake of underestimating the impact of brain related fatigue, I have served in 2 armed forces and know about mind over matter pain and fatigue. I was wrong as this is not like that, by attempting to out will the fatigue as mentioned in your diagram I did indeed make things worse.
It is a multifaceted issue when the fatigue is so powerful you can just lay down on your floor and konk out.
Fatigue is the prime symptom.
I looked at fatigue from a holistic systemic perspective.
What affects it?
Anaemia, Stress, Breathing, Sleep, Psychology, Alergies, Thyroid, Exercise, Nutrition.
I have attempted to analyse all of these, I am on iron, meditate, CPAP, antihistamine, and eat well. I am now working on the small steps of regaining condition and agree lots of small is not just better but essential as overdoing it will set you backwards for a week or longer paying for it so discipline is key.

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