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Jan 14, 2016
Forget him
by: Joao

He will hurt you on and on, he never loved you, he only loves himself, his mind is twisted.

My partner did the same but she wanted a baby to bound me 4 ever.

She lie to me, steal from me, came drunk home, not keep appointments, made avances to other men, make fight s in words with my family and my friends, wrote stupid thing on social media, did nothing in the house and so on.....
When I met her SHE was my dream woman, never met a woman like her, I thought I would like to marry her have kids with her, after she got her visa she changed completely.

I ended the relation, she called police that I wanted to kill her, I was in prison for 6 hours, with photo's and fingerprints just like in CSI.

Than she was send home to Africa by MP, that was in may, last week she got her child and sended me the pictures.

I can do nothing cause she lie to everybody she even lied to her parents and family, her life is a mess but she still blame me for it..........

OMG I paid her all, flights, clothes, lessons in Dutch, holyday's, money for sick mother, money for Xmas, money for birthday in Africa and so on.....

She changed and I learned a lot about Narcism...........they never love you they love themselve.

Not visit him, you will be hurt again, would you like that ?

So forget him for your own sake and peace ......

Jan 14, 2016
Same story ...............
by: Anonymous

I met my dreamwife also, in The Netherlands, like you met your dream man.

Now she is back in her country in Africa, I had to stop the relation cause it was killing me.............

She sended me pictures of the kid to hurt me, he looks very sweet, like me, half European/African but I can not trust her, cause she put one lie on another.

I sended money to her sis to find her, but she is hiding in that big country Kenya.

I can do nothing but go on with my life, my dreamwife is gone, I called her Ndoto that is DREAM in Swahili.

But the dream became a nightmare ...............

So pick up the peaces, you re not alone in your pain, I have the same ................

Jan 13, 2016

by: Feri

Does not really sound like narcissism. It can be though. But it also looks like borderline.
No matter what diagnosis: please do NOT feel guilty and try to set up your own life. Try to focus on how UNreliable he has been treating you and your child. A relationship and especially TRUST should be stable, reliable, steady.

Best regards, Feri

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