Death without getting to die.......

by C
(Baldwin ,MS USA)

At the age of 47 I was in the best shape of my life. Five foot 7, 188 lbs, 32"waist on top of the world and bought a superbike. On my way to the gym one Friday when a garbage truck ran a stop sign and I couldn't get around it. The impact ripped my right frontal brain lobe. I placed my arm between the truck and my chest. I broke all of my ribs, my left shoulder blade, two vertebra in my back and two more vertebra were burst fractures. Oh yah, I had a 3m.m. tear in my aorta. I had a stroke the second day I was there, and passed two Pulmonary Embolisms the size of half dollars, the right frontal lobe was affected again. I was in a coma, drug induced 26 days. When I came to my wife put me in a wheelchair to show me where I was and after wheeling me into the hallway, she went back into the room to get her purse. I looked across the hall and there was a man who looked like he could use a friendly hello, so I spoke and waved, what the f##k! I was looking into a mirror. I weighed 114lbs. That was seven years ago, I have no desire to fish, hunt, work, nothing, ..................

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