Fell in Love with Padel after 2 hours

by M.Nour
(Enschede, Netherlands)

Right after moving to the Netherlands, I was searching for a tennis court to continue practicing at least once a week, since I used to practice with my brother back home in Egypt 2 or 3 times a week.I play tennis for more than 20 years.

I found a close by club finally, and I was very happy, and started to meet people to play tennis with.
I found the first padel court i've ever seen in my life in the same club where I played tennis, and I was wondering what is that?

Then one day, the tennis guys I play with suggested that we play padel.

and I was like, why not? I played couple of sets, and I was like wow, this is fun. we kept playing probably for 3 hours.

I didn't want to stop, but they were tired unfortunately.

Something happened that day and I couldn't understand. I just wanted to keep going, I wasn't tired, and it gave me a strange feeling that I never felt in any other sport, and I played many sports including soccer, squash, ping pong, etc

The more I played, the more I got hooked to the sport...

and it was a life discovery. and bit by bit, I started to realize that this sport is very addictive, and there is a secret behind it.

I didn't stop at just playing sometimes with friends. I started to watch the pros matches, and read more about it.

Not only this, I joined a trainers course near by to start coaching beginners and intermediate players, and to kind of spread the sport since it is relatively a new sport compared to tennis for example, specially outside of Argentina and Spain.

I hope more people find out about it, because I am almost sure, if you try it with the right players, you will love it and enjoy it no matter how old you are, man or woman, and where you live. I hope you find a near by court and start playing as soon as you can because you really don't know what you're missing.

I am glad I found this article to better understand what happened there that made me really hooked.

If you read this article and decided to give it a try,
thank me later :)

Enjoy and fit for fun.

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Mar 22, 2019

by: Feri

Many Thanks! Please spread your enthousiasm for Padel. It is indeed a lovely sport!

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