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(Vancouver Canada)

My husband suffered a massive aneurysm in 2002, He learned how to walk how to talk,he had a massive bleed while putting in the drain tube,later operated on.we were told it was a miracle,yes I agree a miracle that he is alive. But for the past 15 years I have been his 24/7 care provider. He is very calm but needs cueing and cueing in everyday life . His long term memory is unbelievable better than mine. But short term memory, working memory, and executive functions are very very affected.

Prior to 2002,my husband already had some of these issues but he was refused in home support at GF Strong rehab due to liability issues. Vgh lost my husband twice while in their care. In 2003 he was released into my care with hopes of getting into a rehab program. Here I am 15 years later, still his 24/7 care provider for free. No such thing as a caregiver financial support here in BC.

Would a Neuropsychological assessment be beneficial to see at what point he is now, I have seen many improvements. Any suggestions would be very beneficial.
Would a eeg be beneficial,or another mri?
This is my story for the past 15 years, my husband was 42 years old at the time.
Thank you

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