How I became obsessed with PADEL!

by Roberto
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I found Padel in Calgary by accident. After playing tennis for many years, I guess it was a normal reaction at first to look down on this apparently silly sport of padel. After all, a much smaller court, and underhand serves? Well, that looked wimpy. It was like some leisure ball game you play at the beach to pass the time. It seemed logical that I would be able to dominate, and destroy anyone with my skills, being used to the big game and all. Surely that was going to be an overwhelming advantage. Even if I wasn’t going benefit from my big tennis serve, the power of my forehand and the heavy topspin would cause some major damage. Well, I gave it a go since I had nothing else to do, just like deciding to play a game of ping-pong over a beer. I started lethargically pushing the ball. Let’s just say that immediately I had felt a wake up call. The first problem was the back wall. Not having played a lot of squash, the walls felt like foreign objects. I quickly had to realize that just because a ball went by me, it didn’t mean that the point was lost. In fact if I just had turned around I would have seen that the ball was back near me waiting to be hit again! To make things worse, heavy topspin didn’t help, sure it was fast, but after bouncing off the back wall it made the ball sit high enough that I was getting killed. Underspin seemed to work better. Now that I understand that control is the name of the game, and that I have somewhat learned how to use the walls, the game is a lot of fun, and I can say it’s definitely more fun than tennis. The rallies are very intense, last a lot longer and I get a lot more hits. Knowing tennis does provide a big advantage, but there is a learning curve that may deter some. My tennis buddies keep calling me, but I am busy at the Calgary Padel Club, playing PADEL every day.

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