Inconsistency and hypocrisy

by M

I would like to add other symptoms of this disorder.

Inconsistency - one minute they love you, the next one they hate you or you don't exist. This emotional rollercoaster causes victims of narcissists PTSD and anxiety. They love you then they discard you, demean you or become ironic and sarcastic. They got their narcissistic supply and the mask is no longer necessary.

They are numb, emotionally flat. They don't react when they should and they overreact even when it was only a small gesture. Disproportionate reactions.

Hypocrisy and double standard
They accuse you of things they have done. They cheat and call their spouses cheaters.The double standard - the narcissist can do whatever they please but others are.blamed.of they do the same. They even imagine things about other people, destroying their reputation.

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