Keep going Ireland

by Sinéad
(Ireland )

As someone who was in a RTA on 7/1/2002 I am still tired! I am very determined- I since have had two children and completed 2 post graduate diplomas. I work full time as a secondary school teacher. I adjust my activities to suit my life - I was full time SEN teacher when my boys were babies. I need to continuously regroup and relearn. At the moment after non stop online teaching in this global pandemic I need to stop and take a break. My husband has been with me all the time but this is severely straining our relationship as he can’t believe I am still tired? I need to exercise more - I had stopped as I was concentrating on work. I have found in the past an exercise routine very beneficial. It has to be at the right time of day though. As I said previously I have to manage my activities around my life. I have a few months to get back on track- again. It’s difficult always needing to concentrate

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