My Amazing Choice

by JG
(Michigan USA)

Hello my name is Jack Grenan USA Michigan I am a psychologist/hypnotherapist struggling 62 yr old man. In 2005 I was in church and a voice ware me twice that one of my 5 children or wife would GET VERY SICK! I prayed for 3 months that it be me. My prayers were March 2006 I was diagnosed with 4th stage colon cancer in 5 lymph nodes & spreading, 6 months to live. I was operated on and 3 days later septic kidneys stopped, heart failure ...induced coma with a constant 106 degree fever that lasted 3 months. I died floated above my body, to heaven and given a choice to enter and stay or return to my family BUT SUFFER!

I returned from the dead, 6 months to learn to walk again, wash myself....lost everything but most important thing FAMILY! 1 MILLION IN $$ no job can't work but alive for no scientific reason and no brain damage, although initially i was crazy & restrained for 2 months and I did not even know my family!
Now I work P/T helping those others give up on using hypnosis and counseling I have had Parkinsons patients stop shaking, non walkers walk again......There is a God i saw him at the gates when i made my choice to return for better or worse!
I can sense the good or bad in people and help anyone who asks usually for free.
I need your help I sleep 12 hrs then nap. In USA only treatment is ritalin ..a joke of NO USE! Help any ideas accepted, tried diet, exercise, holistic, prayer......If I can help you email me at Peace & Blessings Jack Grenan PhD

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