How many mistakes do you make in daily life and do you think that's a normal brain?

Still doubt that you don't have a normal brain? Especially after reading that much about brain injury, chances are you become afraid that any mistake you make might mean something like brain damage. So relax, here are several examples of daily life mistakes we all make, sometimes more than usual and more than other people. But still while having a relatively normal brain.

The examples I collected come from various sources, books I've read, TV-series, movies, art, articles, discussions with friends or people on the street and personal experiences. But most importantly, the main source comes from my clinical experience as a neuropsychologist. Having seen around 3500 patients in 15 years, mostly brain injured patients, has given me a tremendous treasure of valid information about the workings of an abnormal and normal brain. They and their families have told me stories that made me think, every time I heard them. For all I had read or learned, nothing could give me more insight into brain functioning than those stories. In that sense, they have contributed significantly to my knowledge of the brain. It is that kind of knowledge that I want to share with you using the most open information medium we have nowadays: the Internet. 

Examples from daily life: for your benefit and others

It is my hope that with this kind of knowledge you learn more about yourself and feel more relaxed and less tense. Perhaps you can understand more easily your own mistakes and correct them. Ultimately, your understanding of other people may increase as well and therefore also your compassion.

When you are concerned about someone's brain these examples of daily life mistakes will help you to better differentiate between normal and abnormal brain functioning. In this way you can better decide when to seek more professional help, like a neurologist or a neuropsychologist.

The examples are drawn from various daily life activities, no real structure is meant or found in my telling. Sometimes there are funny, sometimes not. To better navigate I have split them up into different activities and pages so it would not end up in a very long piece of text.

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