Psychological analysis of modern movies. Why?

One of my hobbies is movies, films, series. So in light of my blog about brain, personalities, personal growth and psychopathology I thought it would be fun to combine this hobby with my thoughts about psychology. 

For the careful reader there is a common thread in this large blog: the enhancement of knowledge about personality, personal development, emotions, the brain and how this all relates to our moral behaviour in society. Movies are full of very interesting personalities, behaviour and always a moral code. More importantly: they shape our culture in a very significant way, more so than books. Because movies are more intense: they use our most powerful senses: vision and hearing. Both images and music are very well processed in our brains and are strongly interconnected with our emotions. The impact on our personal development, our way of thinking and behaving is enormous.

About time that I as a clinical neuropsychologist offer a new sort of analysis of every movie that is worthwhile. These will be movies that clearly can be seen as thought provoking, with good actors and mainly good reviews. I certainly will and can not analyze every movie. 

My goal of the analysis will be infotainment: not only would I like to promote a good movie so more people will want to see it and think about it, but also in the process of analyzing it I hope to inspire people to think in a certain way about movies and more specifically about behaviours displayed in it. In another way I hope to educate them about psychology, personalities and moral behaviour. To improve our personal growth, our normal personality and in that way our society. A better society starts with building and growing better and more mature personalities.

Someone might ask: how do I know what is a 'better' personality, what is morally right? Well, I have explained that in earlier blogs about normal brains and normal personality. Of course, this is a working model, it is my specific way of seeing things but largely based on science and specific moral philosophy that can improve our living together. The main goal is living together peacefully, eradicating violence, prejudice and hatred. In this light I will analyse every movie that I have seen. 

But...there will also be a place for readers to comment on my analyses. It would be my dream to spark a lively and especially inspiring discussion about each movie analyzed. Because, I haven't come across such a blog on the Internet yet. Most reviews are about the cinematography, the characters doing things and speculations about what the director meant with the movie. My analyses will focus on what specifically is abnormal and normal in several personalities in the movie, what can we learn from this movie about our moral behaviour? Why should everyone see this movie? Why should it have such an impact on us?

I hope you will enjoy my analyses and please give your own thoughts about it as well. I will reserve the right to monitor readers' contributions because crappy comments without any inspiring thoughts will be deleted. Comments must be in line with enhancing our moral code: increasing compassion, empathy between all living beings.

The Square 2017

The Battle of the Sexes 2017

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