She is a nightmare!!

by Family friend
(Michigan )

She married became pregnant immediately. (Anchor babies)She groomed the two daughters to devote all their love to her. She made sure she cut off her husbands ties to all of his friends. She filled the girls heads to hate the husbands family. She slowly but surely took over all of the finances. The husband worked and turned the check over. He was very vulnerable and could not stand up to her. Her next step was to pillage his 401k. He was advised not to tap into his 401k. She had no reason to request it. He made a decent living. She screamed you will never enjoy it because you will be dead before you can use it.!!! (He does have a medical condition ) The one thing he did not give into was the 401k. She stripped him of everything.She beat him down mentally,emotionally and in the end she began to become physical. So since she couldn't get her hands on the 401k, She kicked him to the curb and divorced him. There are so many unbelievable stories concerning this narcissist. The most heartbreaking is that the daughters are so imbedded in her control that the family is heartbroken. People say that the girls will one day realize what their mother really is.The girls are 16 and 18. Does the family just wait for the day when the girls realize or may it be to late.??

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