The Crazy Making man

by Miss Sensitive

My narcissist pursued me relentlessly until I relented and agreed to get to know him better. Well the wheels fell off immediately. He would text incessantly from 7pm to 4am in the morning...or not at all.

He would tell me he could see images in people's eyes and predict the future or tell things about people owing to his psychic abilities. He would recall violent episodes in his past where he acted as an avenger of his cousins death beating the suspected culprit culprit and leaving him for dead, showing me the deformed bones in his right hand as a result of the impact from the punches.

He would be too busy to meet me and when he did he would be visibly uncomfortable. When he did kiss it was like a sink plunger.

He would send inappropriate or abrupt often blunt texts. If challenged his language was vile and his mood hostile.

He would promise the earth and never deliver such as inviting you to go swimming with dolphins when he couldn't even find time for lunchtime coffee.

In the end I caught him lying and he was beginning to manipulate situations to cause me distress so I told him I didn't mix with people who behaved like this and guess what....immediate Stonewalling.

He has remained giving me the Silent Treatment to this day although he likes to come find me unannounced so he can stare me out. He has sat on his garden wall at 8:30am to watch my bus pass by on way to work. He searched for me found me and then his eyes locked onto me....weird.

He stares at me in my place of work as as open to the public but never initiates direct contact. I now walk off the floor and/or avoid all contact with this strange, bizarre bizarre man.

I was totally obsessed with him at one point but now at 8wks no contact other than his surprise visitations I feel much calmer. I think deep down I've had a lucky escape and feel with my constant avoidance he will let go and move on to.

The whole experience has been the most crazy making, anxiety driven situation I have ever been exposed altering and permanent reawakening of the inner me.

I shall never forget that individual but know to stay well away from as really burnt me in such a short time with minimal!

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