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Oct 08, 2015
by: richard

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Apr 14, 2015
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by: Andrea

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Jul 31, 2014
get a lawyer and get out now
by: Vicki

get a lawyer, and get out asap for your children's sake and yours = you are legally entitled to be supported by him - it doesn't matter if the house is not in your name

the fact that he broke down when you confronted him once told me all I need to know - he will appear to crumble, but if you give in - he will go right back to the same mean person

not sure why you got into this mess to begin with but you can and need to explore that later after the dust settles so you don't get back into another mess

I wish you much luck and many happier days ahead ... V

May 03, 2013
a narcist doesn't share
by: Joan

A hard conclusion I made, already in the first year of our marriage: my husband doesn't like to share! He likes to hear me talking, he reacts normal, he listens, he does like anyone else. He has a job. But when it comes to a participation of any kind, from his side, and it takes "a real effort" he's gone with the wind. This happened over and over again. Only with pressure, from my side, he did what I asked him to do, by exception. It never crossed his mind, to be loyal to me.
I am just divorced. Not officially but that will come soon. Money was, in my case, one of the most important "signs" and "issues" that I decided: I am not going to live the rest of my life with him. Though I am over 60 years old. I felt humiliated, many times (not only for his outbursts), enough to say: Goodbye, Mr, serve yourself.

May 03, 2013
to find back a road to independency
by: Anonymous

It is very difficult, I know. You need a lot of support of your family. In what you choose to do, with your children, might ly a solution.
Maybe it is best to try to find out what your financial position will be afterwards. You def. need financial security, as a starter. Visit a lawyer. Alimony for yourself and children is necessary for the first needs.
Maybe you are in a position to find a part time job?
I wish you a lot of strength!! I went partly through the same (without children). Also for the kids it is important that they have a happy mother! And for yourself the same. I have several court cases now, so that is a fight too. Not easy.
Good luck.
If things are impossible for you right now, you could consider: what will I do when the children are adults. As for good advice!! Good luck.

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