They live among us, the living dead

by wallflower

They are empty and pathetic people. They can only overpower people that are weaker than them. The first few years I thought he was so strong and intimidating. I felt I was no match for him. But now I can see how weak he actually is. It was all bluff, he was just acting. The tables are turned and now I'm the one in charge. He's terrified that I would turn my back on him. If I left him he would crumble like a cookie. After all those horrible years when he had me right where he wanted me, trapped and loosing my mind, now he acts as if he loves me and values me. I don't trust him one bit. I would never forget what he put me through, even if I wanted to. I somehow always managed to hold on to a little bit of love inside of me, somewhere in a small corner of my hart, resilient and unexplicable. But when I discovered who he was, that love finally died, after stuggling for a very long time with a terminal illness. It had no reason to fight anymore. Now he has more respect for me than he ever had. But it's too late. He's the one who has so much to loose now. He needs me and the kids so much, and he is nothing without us. And all I have left for him now is contempt. I know who he is and I can't pretend that he isn't what he is. Now that I am strong he pretends to be a good husband and father. But when I was at his mercy he was ruthless. Ugly, soulless people. Not long ago I didn't even know of their existence.

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